Update on Fire at Tyler Perry's Atlanta Studio

Getty Images

A source is sharing new information about the fire at Tyler Perry’s Atlanta studios.

The source tells ET that the Atlanta Fire Department responded to an alarm at Tyler Perry's studio. The source also says that the fire was a small fire that was but out with a fire extinguisher, and now "all is fine"

Atlanta TV station WSB-TV reported earlier that about two-dozen firefighters have been spotted on the complex’s roof. There have not been any reports of injuries.

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It is the second fire to occur at the complex in the past four months, the previous fire occurring on May 1. That fire saw 100-plus firefighters putting out the blaze that destroyed an exterior cityscape set at the studios, and sent flames about six stories into the sky.

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Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin J. Cochran has said the cause of the May fire is still undetermined.