Jon Voight Awaits Angelina Jolie's Wedding Call


ET's Christina McLarty caught up with Jon Voight at the Republican National Convention, where the actor is soaking up the event's colorful political excitement all week. But the star also revealed that he'd waste no time rushing off to his daughter's wedding the moment he gets that invitation phone call.

"Listen, they have six kids. Whatever they do that makes them happy and keeps the kids happy, I'm all for it," Voight told McLarty about Jolie's engagement to Brad Pitt. The actor added, "Listen, if they give me a call and say we want you at a wedding..."

VIDEO: Jon Voight on the Jolie-Pitt Kids

Voight was then interrupted with a phone call during the interview and explains, "It may be them... 'Oh hi, Ang, how are you?'" He then pauses, pretending to hear some wedding news, and ends the phone conversation with, "I'll call you in the morning."

Regarding Tuesday's official kickoff of the Republican National Convention, Voight said he was "very impressed" with the way things started and was completely "moved" by Ann Romney's speech.

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"For me it's important because we're headed off a cliff economically in the country and the world," the actor explained about his staunch support for the Republican party and its official candidate, Mitt Romney.

"We're in a very serious situation and we've been weakened in our country in every way -- in these last three-and-a-half years, especially," Voight said. "So we need somebody to step up and address these very serious problems, and get us back on the right track."

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