Democrat Rocker Explains Why He Played RNC Bash


Journey guitarist and longtime Democrat Neal Schon rocked the house with his band Thursday night at a private party after the close of the Republican National Convention and said he agreed to perform because it was an extremely lucrative gig -- not because he was endorsing Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Schon previously confirmed to ET that the band received $500,000 for the performance, which began with the Star Spangled Banner and continued with Journey's biggest hits. The musician said that despite being at the center of the partisan VIP after-party, his goal was to remain politically neutral and focus on giving a good show.

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Schon did say he was looking forward to the chance to meet Mitt Romney and his wife Ann. "He seems like a great guy and his wife's very delightful. I was very impressed with her speech the other night, she comes across as very genuine and sweet and intelligent." He joked that he hoped the presidential candidate and other guests wouldn't hold it against him that he's a Democrat and wouldn't throw eggs at the stage.

Watch the video to see Journey's performance and to also hear his girlfriend Michaele Salahi talk about whether the couple has any wedding plans. Neal also gives an update on possible TV projects despite being busy getting ready to release a solo album entitled The Calling that will drop in Europe on October 19 and in the U.S. four days later!

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