Michelle Obama on Raising Modern Girls in the W.H.


The Democratic National Convention kicked off on Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ET had the opportunity to sit down with First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss life on the campaign trail this time around and the challenging task of raising modern teen (and pre-teen) daughters in the White House.

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Back-to-school just so happened to align with the Obama's appearances at the DNC this week, therefore Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, will be missing in action, save for their dad's big speech on Thursday. Until then, Barack will be holding down the fort in Washington D.C.

"This is one of the rare times that I am not there during the first week of school," Mrs. Obama admits, "but the president is there…I'm going to be waiting to hear about that first day and how it felt when [Malia] walked into the high school."

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As the girls are growing up in the age of the Internet, the first lady shares the words of advice she imparts on her daughters.

"Know who you're around and know who you can trust and understand that you're never alone," is a lesson the mom of two tells us she can't stress enough. "Everything you say and do these days is subject to public scrutiny."

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While these dangers are very real, Mrs. Obama says she trusts Sasha and Malia implicitly with their technology.

"They text, they have friends, have cell phones... We're talking about [the importance of privacy] all the time."

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