Regis Philbin Gives Advice to Michael Strahan


Regis Philbin has officially passed the torch on to Michael Strahan, who took up his post on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael on September 4. Although the new host is off to a strong start, Philbin offered some words of wisdom during his first interview since Strahan's official start.

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The former New York Giant may be a Super Bowl winner and football analyst for FOX NFL Sunday, but Philbin knows that Strahan's appeal to LIVE! viewers goes beyond his sports career, so the Daytime Emmy winner started off by advising him against any and all football talk.

"Remember when I used to talk football on a Monday after the pro games?" Philbin asked ET's Lawrence Zarian. "[Executive Producer Michael Gelman] would give me the eye, one eye [would] raise up, and Kathy Lee [Gifford] didn't like it, and Kelly [Ripa] didn't like it. So my advice to our friend Michael Strahan is, no football, ever. Don't talk about that on the show."

While the first tip may be counterintuitive, the second -- do your research -- would come naturally to someone used to analyzing opponents by examining hours of game footage.

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Next, Philbin recommended keeping the tone of the show light and playful, suggesting that any story told should have a funny ending.

"Have a great ending there, Michael, don't fool around!" said Philbin.

Taking his own advice, Regis peppered in a joke during our interview. The longtime host kiddingly urged Michael to be patient with his new boss Gelman.

"He'll find out. Let's just put it that way," Philbin said with a chuckle.

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