Celebs Remember Families Affected by 9/11


Eli Manning, Kate Upton, Venus Williams, Ryan Lochte, Brian Williams and more gathered in New York City to raise money on behalf of the families affected by the September 11 tragedy 11 years ago.

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"They've turned a terrible event into a positive day," Eli said of the Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners Charity Day.

The two organizations combined on Tuesday to raise donations -- 100 percent of which goes to over 100 charities worldwide. Cantor, which raised nearly $12 million, provides an annual commemoration of the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees lost in the World Trade Center attacks.

"For those of us New Yorkers, it starts getting very depressing last night when they test the blue shafts of light in lower Manhattan," said Brian Williams. "It's a tough day. Everybody looks forward to 9/12."

Venus Williams added: "It's so important to remember the past, and it's so important to give credit to those people who gave their lives for us. So, today it's amazing to be a part of this."

To date, Charity Day has raised about $89 million globally.