Clint Eastwood Laughs Off Accusations He's Senile


When Clint Eastwood gave his now legendary speech at the Republican National Convention in August, the Hollywood heavyweight received a lot of backlash for his theatrical shaming of President Barack Obama. On Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 82-year-old actor defends the infamous appearance.

"I was actually, just trying to enjoy my self along the way," says Eastwood, who recently admitted to his hometown newspaper, The Carmel Pine Cone, that the idea to talk to an empty chair (representing Obama) came to him while he waited in the green room just minutes before he took the stage.

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Despite receiving a roar of approval in Tampa that night, The Trouble with the Curve star has since been faced with public scrutiny of his mental facilities. When asked how he felt about the polarizing reception, Eastwood merely laughs off the speculation.

"The democrats who were watching thought I was going senile and the republicans knew I was," he said with a smile.

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Watch the video for more, including Eastwood's take on daughter Francesca's controversial boyfriend.

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