President Obama Felt Like Hannah Montana at DNC

Getty Images

Miley Cyrus may be trying to break away from her Hannah Montana persona, but she still has some fans in the White House. The ladies of The View had a special visit from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday's show, and it was the story about their daughters Sasha and Malia's response to their dad's Democratic National Convention stage entrance that got the audience giggling.

The commander in chief, 51, recalls that his daughters were overly excited backstage before their father went to deliver his speech, and couldn't help but compare it to the Hannah Montana movie when Billy Ray Cyrus' character talks to his Hannah (Miley) before she heads out to perform.

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Obama jokes that he walked onstage to give his DNC speech thinking about Hannah Montana.

Meanwhile, Cyrus, 19, is also taking a note from the Obamas and getting political. The singer/actress appears in a new Rock the Vote campaign. She tweeted: "Watch, register, & make your choice this November!"