AnnaLynne McCord's Sexual Misconduct Revelation


Actress and activist AnnaLynne McCord revealed that, like her character Naomi Clark on 90210, she once fell victim to alleged sexual misconduct, in speaking with Us Weekly.

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The 25-year-old star made the revelation after hosting a charity event on September 22 for the Somaly Mann Foundation, which works to end modern day slavery and human trafficking.

"I had a very similar experience to what these girls go through 20 times a night," she said. "It happened to me once by somebody that I knew, and it is a very interesting thing to feel that you do not have the voice to say 'no.' It wasn't an attack or anything like that -- I just had no voice. I did not know how to say, 'I don't want this. Please do not do this to me.'"

McCord is so passionate about her work with the Somaly Mam Foundation, which she has helped for years, that she has often spent part of her holiday vacation time to visit victims.

"I go to Cambodia every single Christmas now because in this industry, we get two weeks off around Christmas and New Year's," she said. "My production staff are amazing -- they know to get AnnaLynne out so that she can be on a plane. So this year they will be rushing to get everything done so I can get my 'red eye flight' to Cambodia. I will be jet lagged when I get back for the first two weeks and my acting will suck, but it is what totally makes me happy."