Tameka on Her Plastic Surgery Nightmare


Tameka Raymond tells ET's Nancy O'Dell that she experienced a life-threatening moment in 2009 just eight weeks after giving birth to her younger son with Usher, Naviyd…

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Looking for a quick way to get back in shape after having her baby, Tameka traveled to Brazil with her sister and had liposuction.
"It probably was postpartum, I don't know. I think I was having some of the mommy blues -- I didn't feel good in my skin, you know? I wasn't happy," explains Tameka, who allows that she "went the lazy route" to trim down.

At the time, rumors swirled that she had a facelift and other plastic surgery, but after what happened while getting ready for the procedure, Tameka says no plastic surgery occurred at all, not even the liposuction.

"I wasn't on the operating table, but I was in the anesthesiologist and I went into cardiac arrest," she reveals. After she was revived, Tameka was placed in a medical coma, and Usher came to see her.

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"It was terrible circumstances, but it was a sweet moment," she says of the visit by the music star.

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