Charges Against Lohan's Accused Assailant Dropped

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UPDATE:The NYPD have dropped assault and harassment charges against Christian LaBella after their investigation revealed that there was no assault.


Lindsay Lohan has given a police statement following an alleged physical altercation at the W Hotel in New York City, a source confirms to ET.

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According to our source, Lohan was hanging out in her hotel room with a group of people that included a man whom she later suspected of taking pictures of her and saving them on his phone. Our source alleges that the man "threw [Lohan] down" when she asked to see his phone, leading the actress to run out of the room. The source continues to allege that the man attempted to choke Lohan after catching her in the hotel stairwell.

The man in question, Christian LaBella, was arrested and held at the 13th Precinct, according to our source.

WNBC in New York reports that LaBella was charged this afternoon with assault and harassment.

Lohan's rep has given a statement to ET, stating, "Lindsay was assaulted early this morning in a New York hotel. While she did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized. The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody. Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation."