Jennie Admits to Losing 30 Pounds Since Divorce

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Jennie Admits to Losing 30 Pounds Since Divorce

Beloved 90210 star Jennie Garth is opening up about her tough year, and noticeable weight loss.

Jennie and Twilight star Peter Facinelli announced their divorce in March, after 11 years of marriage and three kids together.

"[2012] has been a bit of a rebirth for me as a person by shedding that negative space and all the pain associated with that time," Jennie tells People in a new interview.

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One part of her rebirth has been a sizable weight loss for the 40-year-old actress.

Calling the 30 pounds "dead weight," Jennie sees it as a positive, and attributes it to focusing on "taking better care" of herself.

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"It definitely feels like a great time in my life," she says, despite the tumultuous year. "Even through the ups and downs, I'm happy. I'm thankful to be alive."

And it seems she's even found love again.

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She was photographed in August holding hands with rumored new boyfriend, photographer Noah Abrams.