Survivor Angie: Malcolm's a Cutie


Another week, another Matsing casualty on Survivor: Philippines. Beauty queen Angie Layton became the third Matsing tribe member in a row to be voted off on Wednesday night, and ET caught up with the 20-year-old Provo, Utah native to get her thoughts on her ouster.

ETOnline: What made you decide you wanted to be on the show?

Angie: I love the competition, I love competing, I'm a very competitive person. The challenges … I got so excited watching them, and [watching] TV I'm like, 'I want to do that!' That really struck me. And [I wanted to have the] overall experience; it's something different.

ETOnline: In terms of last night's challenge, it seemed like either people had no problem at all or it was really difficult. Can you talk about the challenge a little bit?

Angie: The challenge for me, the problem with that was I was a little bit slower. I dove in and I had a hard time getting the buoy out, and for me that kind of made me a little nervous 'cause I was slower. But it wasn't that, it was the fact that I was slow at it; that's why I was a little nervous.

ETOnline: In terms of climbing out, Russell [Swan] had a problem with the ladder. Was there something different about the ladder?

Angie: I don't know why he had a problem with that. I didn't really have a problem. I got up just fine on that so I'm not sure about that.

ETOnline: Matsing lost the last three challenges. What do you think was the reason Matsing continued to lose? Do you think it's because the other teams are physically stronger or do you think there was a mental aspect after [the team] lost the first and second challenge?

Angie: I think that a part of it could be because of the things we did; like putting people in the right spots. … I know that it was all messed up in the first challenge [in terms of] who should do what and I think maybe it carried over to the second challenge, but overall I think we just had bad luck.

ETOnline: At tribal council, it seemed like Russell was kind of attacking you to a certain extent. How did that feel?

Angie: As you can see, I was taking it and I was taking it and I was okay but then those last couple things he was saying just kind of hurt my feelings and I was taking it personal. I was trying not to take things personal; when you're in this kind of game, you have to think with your brain and not with your heart. But, it kind of got to me; I tried not to cry. I teared up a little bit but I snapped out of it and I was okay. I understand this is a game and you have to fight to the win, I mean you're going to fight 'til the end to win. I was throwing him under the bus, he was throwing me under the bus and that's just kind of how it went.

ETOnline: How is Russell to work with as a teammate? It seemed like he came on really aggressively this season. Can you speak about that a little bit?

Angie: The first challenge he came on really aggressive and I was not happy within the first challenge because what happened -- he told me I had to do the puzzle and if I was going to run and we lost, it was my fault. [Since it was my] first time in this game and I'm 20 years old, I'm like 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to listen to him, I don't want that to happen, I don't want to be the reason we lost.' So, I'm listening to him and we lose anyways because we were all put in the wrong…I don't know how to say it – I wasn't in my strengths. My strength was to run … but that happened that way and that he came on aggressively. But about the rest of the challenges in that week, he was okay. He wanted to win and he was die-hard-to-win; he wasn't bad and I enjoyed being around him.

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ETOnline: Switching gears and going to Malcolm [Freberg], did you know that Malcolm had an alliance with Denise [Stapley] or did they keep that a secret?

Angie: Oh yeah, I knew the whole time. I was a part of that alliance. They didn't really show that. We were like the three musketeers; we would always talk. Mainly Malcolm and Denise, obviously they are tighter, but I was still in that alliance.

ETOnline: When it came down to it, were you surprised when they ended up voting you out before Russell?

Angie: Yes and no because of the challenge. Obviously I was very slow and I did the best I could, well I tried and I did my best and it just came down to strength, I think. And they wanted to keep strength over loyalty and that was their call. Although, I think they should have kept me obviously, but it was their call and I think they were trying to make the best move for their tribe.

ETOnline: Going to the infamous snuggling [between you and Malcolm] that everyone is so obsessed with, did you see it as just innocent and keeping warm or was there more to it than that?

Angie: I thought of it as just keeping warm…I felt comfortable around him and we kept each other warm and he was fun to be around. But it was nothing more, nothing romantic about it other than comfort and heat.

ETOnline: On last night's episode, Malcolm was saying you hadn't snuggled the night before. After that whole tribal council last week with Roxy [Morris], did you guys stop snuggling after that?

Angie: The first night we didn't snuggle. We might have ended up snuggling in the middle of the night after we fell asleep, but I know the first night we tried not to. I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure we might have after that just because it's cold. Roxy was the only one who was really upset about it. But it wasn't as intensive as it was before.

ETOnline: In terms of Malcolm, have you kept in touch? Would you ever date him?

Angie: Yeah, we kept in touch. He's a very good looking guy. He's really cool. He's a great guy. [Laughing] I don't know; it would have to depend on different things.

ETOnline: I noticed on your profile on the Survivor web site you said you hoped to meet some hotties. Would you consider Malcolm to be one of the hotties you were hoping to meet?

Angie: [Laughing] Yeah, he's a cutie for sure.

ETOnline: Switching gears a little bit, you've done the pageant thing and you had been a runner-up in Miss USA. Were there any skills you learned in pageants that you ended up using in Survivor?

Angie: Yeah, besides from the beauty part and all that stuff, it was mental. Going into a pageant, you have to know you're the best. You have to believe in yourself and be mentally strong; knowing that no matter what the other girls do to you, what they say to you, or try to throw you off, that you are still on the right path. You can't get side-tracked at all and that's how it is in Survivor. You have to be mentally there and know that you can last 39 days in the rain and in all the elements and be on the right path to the million dollars. So it's kind of the same; it's all mental.

ETOnline: Having been voted out relatively early in the game, do you have any regrets or would there be anything you would do differently?

Angie: Regrets…maybe. I would have paid attention more [to] what everyone is doing and what's going on. Like when Russell was looking for the idol [and] I wish I would have been more aware and more aware of Roxy. I didn't talk to her around camp, but I really didn't even know she had a problem with the cuddling thing. I didn't think much about it. And when I was watching I was like 'Wow, I should have been more aware of what's going on with everybody.'

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ETOnline: Would you ever come back and play the game again if they asked you to?

Angie: Absolutely! I would love to. Every year that I grow up, I getting a little bit more mature and I grow a little bit mentally - so yeah absolutely. I think that I would be a little more savvy in the future; I could probably do a little better, but absolutely.

ETOnline: Which tribe of the three remaining do you think will go the farthest?

Angie: I think [Michael] Skupin's tribe. They just seem unstoppable; they're awesome.

ETOnline: You didn't get to really spend a lot of time with people on the other teams, but is there one person that stood out to you that you think will win the million dollars?

Angie: I really think that Lisa [Whelchel] stood out to me. She just seems so sweet. In challenges…I remember that challenge, the diving challenge, she just said, 'My heart goes out to you guys.' I remember, she's so kind, like who would want to vote her out? I think that she can go very far.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7 c on CBS.