Justin Bieber Goes Swimming with Sharks


Justin Bieber ventured into a water tank full of sharks and beautiful women for a new video, but the pop superstar admitted to ET's Christina McLarty that the plunge wasn't without some hesitation.

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"I'm terrified of sharks," said a wide-eyed Bieber. "I was so scared. I hate sharks. It took, like, an hour for me to even jump in the water."

But even while staring down bonnethead and zebra sharks, the underwater shoot did have its perks.

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"Being with the ladies under there kind of made it a lot better," said Bieber, who was surrounded by a protective layer of Aqualillies -- a female, synchronized swim team.

Fans will see the video during his shows on the Believe Tour, which heads to Fresno, California on Friday.

"It's funny to say this about an 18-year-old but it's like dealing with a touring veteran," said Bieber's manager Scooter Braun. "He feels more comfortable on that stage than I think he does out in the real world."

Watch the video for more.