Hulk Hogan: Sex Tape Was 'Low Point In My Life'

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Hulk Hogan told TODAY show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he had no idea someone was filming his sexual encounter six years ago.

Showing up in the ring (literally) on Tuesday's morning show, the wrestler admitted that it was him on the sex tape, calling it a "low point in my life" and the "wrong choice."

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However, Hogan, 59, is avidly searching for who was filming that intimate encounter and why. "What's the motivation?" Hogan asks. "I've never been in anything on this level."

Since this sex tape, Hogan has divorced Linda Hogan and remarried Jennifer McDaniels. His says his new wife is "rattled" by the scandal. "It's flipped my new life," Hogan tells TODAY.

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