Michael Lohan Speaks Out on Dina-Lindsay Fight


Michael Lohan says he got a frantic call from his daughter Lindsay early Wednesday morning, when the star told him to call the police because she was allegedly being held in a car against her will by her mother, Michael's ex-wife Dina.

Michael told ET exclusively that Lindsay was screaming and crying when he told him, "Daddy, they won't let me out of the car." When he asked who she was talking about, she said, "My driver and mommy." He then said that Lindsay then explained that she was being held in the car against her will outside the family home in Long Island, NY, and told Michael to tape the call. 

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Michael said the dispute stemmed from Lindsay loaning her mom $40,000 because Dina claimed she was losing her home, but when Lindsay asked for the money back, she refused. Michael said her daughter told him to call the police and also told him that during an altercation with her mother, a diamond bracelet was broken and she had a cut on her leg.

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Michael said Lindsay described for him the situation: "Mommy's been doing cocaine, she's acting like the devil, she's putting me down and saying I'm worthless... and dead in her eyes."

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Michael said the latest incident shows that Dina needs help and should stop "tormenting" Lindsay. He added that he currently views Dina a serious "danger to [their] children," alleging that on Wednesday, his ex-wife got up in the morning after being up all night and drove their son Cody to school.

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"Just be the mother that you were when we were married," Michael said, when asked if he had any message for Dina. "You were a great mother and a great wife, and I don't know what happened. But you definitely have some issues that need to be dealt with and I wish you would deal with them."

Lindsay Lohan later retracted her comments about her mother's alleged cocaine use in a phone call to TMZ Live.