Anderson Cooper Fires Back at Star Jones


Looks like Star Jones has another nasty feud on her hands.

It all started when Star not-so-subtly implied that Anderson Cooper's coming out last July was a ploy to boost ratings on his daytime talk show, Anderson.

Video: Star Jones' Feud with Lisa Rinna

Last Thursday, the CNN journalist fired back at Star on his program about the comments, and it wasn't long before Star would strike right back, adding fuel to the fire of their ongoing feud.

"I was wrong. @andersoncooper didn't come out as a ratings ploy," tweeted Star. "He used ME talking about him coming out… as a ratings ploy."

Up until now, Anderson has remained mum on Star's latest comments, but ET's Nancy O'Dell was able to get him to open up about their continuing spat on the set of his show in NYC which Nancy will be co-hosting this Friday.

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"I don't know why she would say something like that… especially given her history of pimping out her wedding pretty much every day on her show," he mused. "And on top of that, lying about having gastric bypass surgery and making all the people on The View lie about it as well. I just thought—'Who is she to be telling me about ratings?'"

Watch the video to hear more of what Anderson has to say about Star. Plus, don't miss Nancy on Anderson this Friday. Check your local listings.