Bieber 'Not Cool' With Mom Dating


Pattie Mallette may be ready to get back out there dating-wise, but her son Justin Bieber isn't so supportive.

A few weeks ago, Ryan Seacrest suggested that the Baby singer's mother be set up with newly single Bachelor/Bachelorette host Chris Harrison. Then today, Bieber gave his two cents about the setup while on KIIS FM's radio show On-Air With Ryan Seacrest.

When asked if Seacrest's matchmaking worked, the Boyfriend singer replied, "They both came to my show, but I’m pretty sure they came separate."

He then added, "I'm 18 now. She told me she would wait until I was 18 to do the dating thing again. I mean, I’m still not cool with it, but I guess I’m going to have to be. My mom’s still got to have a life."

Do you think Bieber's mom and Harrison are right for each other?