Ethel Kennedy Breaks Silence In New Documentary


For her entire life, Robert F. Kennedy's widow Ethel has refused to do extensive interviews despite her vast experiences as matriarch of America's most famous political dynasty. But Ethel finally agreed to open up about her fascinating life in a new HBO documentary directed by her daughter Rory and ET was on the red carpet to speak with both of them at the film's premiere.

When asked about one of the film's main themes -- successfully raising 11 children -- Ethel, 84, said it was a challenge keeping up with all of their activities and achievements. "They each have really wound up doing astounding, wonderful things, and caring about the community. And of course that warms my heart - they're so much like their dad," she said.

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When asked what made her fall in love with RFK from the very start, Ethel reveals she couldn't resist his charm and looks. "He was so handsome." The film -- set to air this Thursday October 18 at 9 p.m. on HBO -- features rare home movies and family photographs, a lengthy interview with Ethel, as well as candid moments shared by seven of her children.

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Her daughter Rory said she was surprised that her media-shy mother agreed to participate in her documentary, which Rory acknowledged gave her a greater appreciation for her parents' relationship. "People go through life and you don't have the opportunity to sit down and ask questions of your siblings or your mother, and I really came to appreciate their relationship on a new level after making this film."

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Watch the video to also hear from more of Ethel's children -- including Kerry Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- and to see the red carpet debut of Ethel's grandson Conor Kennedy, who is currently dating Taylor Swift.