Why Rosie Feels Like the 'Lesbian Tom Cruise'


Rosie O'Donnell and her wife Michelle Rounds attended her Annual Building Dreams for Kids Gala in New York City to benefit her charity Rosie's Theater Kids, where O'Donnell was obviously still stunned by her wife's striking good looks.

"Well here's the thing, upstairs I had flat boots on, and I felt like the lesbian Tom Cruise because I was like down here, and this was like the tall, beautiful Nicole Kidman, and little me," she joked, gesturing to her wife's statuesque figure. "She's quite beautiful, and it's quite shocking. And I always thought I'd get over it -- it's been like over a year that we've been together -- and I still am constantly stunned by her beauty."

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O'Donnell also discussed her heart attack in August, which led to a total lifestyle change for the 50-year-old comedian.

"I'd like to say I had a heart attack -- because women especially like to say heart event. I'm like 'No, it's a real heart attack,'" she emphasized. "But I'm feeling better, I'm following the doctor's orders, and it's totally made me change the way that I was living."

She also revealed her strict diet these days.

"I haven't had any meat or chicken, and pretty much no dairy. [I'm] vegetarian, although I do occasionally eat fish ... but lots of fruits and lots of vegetables, no sugar which is very hard, although I do occasionally have a bite of something. I think my body's totally in shock," she said.

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