On the Obama Campaign Trail with Sarah Jessica


ET's Chris Jacobs goes on the road with actresses Sarah Jessica Parker as she campaigned for President Barack Obama in the key battleground state of Ohio. 

The Sex and the City star -- who pointed out to Obama supporters that her weekend visit to Cincinnati had special meaning because she spent six years living there as a child -- gave a pep talk to fire up the crowd. "You're doing the real work, I'm just here to say thank you -- and to say that we must win Ohio!" she said, receiving thunderous applause.

Accompanying Sarah on the trip to Ohio was True Blood star Alfre Woodard, who told Chris she was excited to be in Ohio, where they have been concrete signs of economic recovery. "What we're saying to Ohioans is that the recovery begins and ends with you, you can keep this moving forward," Alfre said.

The two actresses traveled with Valerie Jarrett -- a senior advisor to President Obama and chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Valerie said she thinks the stakes are particularly high for women in this year's election. "If you think about the president and what he's fought for his entire life, it's really all about equality, and opportunity -- building a middle class that's meant to last, and women are an important part of that."  

Sarah said she views the current election as the most important in her lifetime and also emphasized the crucial role women will play in the outcome. "The things that I feel are most important to women and to children, the things that have made an enormous difference these past four years, and the possibility for even more important, vital and necessary change, is going to come from the Obama administration."

Watch the video to see more of Sarah and Alfre's campaign trip and to hear their strategy for mobilizing voters in the last few weeks of the presidential campaign!