Why Kelsey Grammer Brought Baby to Playboy Mansion

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Kelsey Grammer recently came under fire for bringing his newborn daughter with him to Hugh Hefner's annual Halloween party over the weekend, and in a statement delivered to ET, the Boss star explains why he and wife Kayte took baby Faith along to the Playboy mansion bash.

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Responding to a photo which made the rounds of their sleeping child in her carrier during the party, Grammer brushes off the criticism, assuring the public his 3 ½-month-old daughter was never in any danger.

"Kayte is breast-feeding and we do not have a nanny or a trusted baby-sitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us," says Grammer. "We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight. We enjoyed the evening. We love our child."

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To conclude, he adds playfully, "Kayte is my wife and lady love. The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!"