Dr. Phil's Advice to Victims of Hurricane Sandy


As the East Coast continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy ravaging the area earlier this week, many are stranded without home and millions are still without power. As the fatality toll continues to rise in both the U.S. and damaged areas of the Caribbean, Dr. Phil visited ET's stage to deliver his advice to the masses as to what they can do in the aftermath of the storm.

Although many have banded together to help those affected by the storm, Dr. Phil is concerned about the long-term aftermath of the storm and the rebuilding process that has already begun.

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"It is so devastating when you come back [to your home] and your life is in ruins," the talk show host said. "What happens when the cameras go away? What happens when the next [news] headline comes and you're just left there with devastation and everyone else has moved on?"

Now in his eleventh season on his show, the psychologist, who visited New Orleans in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, urged those affected by the storm to utilize their resources and community instead of handling the aftermath in isolation. Encouraging a collective recovery effort, Dr. Phil also beckoned those who were out of the storm's path to lend a helping hand.

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"It makes such a difference to offer someone even little things like a blanket, a hot cup of coffee, [or] a place to sleep for a couple of nights," he said. "I can't tell you the [amount of] people that have told me over and over again what a difference it made for strangers to offer them a small act of kindness."

The destruction of the hurricane is estimated to have cost affected areas nearly $50 billion and $20 billion in property damage alone. As Dr. Phil notes, small acts of kindness may be only physical actions but they can also ease the psychological impact of the storm's damage.

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"It makes them feel like they're not forgotten, that somebody does care," he assessed. "These are our neighbors; these are our Americans that we need to reach out and help. So, you can make a huge difference...even if it's a donation."

Watch the full interview for Dr. Phil's thoughts on the storm aftermath as well his take on the scarring psychological impact that politics has on politicians. Dr. Phil airs weekdays; check your local listings.