George Clooney Related to Abe Lincoln

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Former President Abraham Lincoln is all the rage in 2012! Not only is the highly anticipated Steven Spielberg directed film about the president's life, titled Lincoln, coming out, but it turns out he's related to one of the sexiest men alive.

According to, the 51-year-old actor is a distant relative to the 16th president. "We noticed there were similarities between the names and places of Abraham Lincoln's tree and George Clooney's tree," the website's Michelle Ercanbrack told "They both have deep roots in Kentucky, so once we honed in on that we were able to find a connection between the two."

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The men are connected through Lucy Hanks, who was Lincoln's maternal grandmother. Clooney is Lincoln's half-first cousin five times removed.

Clooney isn't the only A-lister to have ties to the president. Tom Hanks is also related to the Commander-in-chief. The 56-year-old actor is the third cousin, four times removed of Lincoln's.

The Cloud Atlas star comes through the genealogy lines through the former president's mother, Nancy Hanks. Does this mean Tom and George could be related?