Kirstie: How I 'Destroyed' My First Marriage


Evidently, Kirstie Alley still has a few juicy stories left to tell. The notoriously candid star recently sat down with ET to fill us in on the scandalous demise of her first divorce detailed in her new tell-all book, The Art of Men.

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Harking back to a time when Kirstie was just beginning to develop her sass, the former Cheers star remembers life as an innocent newlywed with her first husband (and high school sweetheart) Bob Alley. At 24, the pair had picked up and left their home state of Kansas to pursue bigger and better things in California, and that's when the real trouble began.

"I was getting a lot of attention," recalls Kirstie of her bikini days on the beach. "I didn't know what to do with it."

Eventually, she says, the attention of these men got the best of her.

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"I sort of cheated," confesses Kirstie of a brief fling with a mystery man named Jake.

"I didn't have sex [with him] but I think it was worse when you fall in love with someone else, when you're with someone, and you're plotting and you're planning," she explains. "What I did do with Jake was I kissed him. And in my world, in Kirstie world, that meant I had to get a divorce... It took a long time [to forgive myself] because I was a horrible person, I destroyed my marriage."

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You can read more about Kirstie's experiences in The Art of Men, which will be available for purchase Tuesday, November 6.