Melissa McCarthy Laughing All the Way

Good Housekeeping

Melissa McCarthy is opening up about her holiday traditions, and sharing that she's happy at any size, in a candid new interview.

The Bridesmaids star, 42, tells the December issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, "Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size six and I never had to give [my weight] a single thought."

McCarthy, who also stars in the CBS show Mike and Molly about a couple who meet at an Overeaters' Anonymous meeting, adds, "But I am weirdly healthy, so I don't beat myself up about it – it wouldn't help, and I don't want to pass that on to my girls."

The actress has two daughters Vivian, five, and two-year-old Georgette with her husband actor Ben Falcone (who starred as her love interest in Bridesmaids).

"I don't really know why I'm not thinner than I am," McCarthy admits. "I don’t really drink soda; I don't have a sweet tooth, and we eat healthfully at home."

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"Pretty much everyone I know, no matter what size, is trying some system," she continues. "Even when someone gets to looking like she should be so proud of herself, instead she's like, 'I could be another three pounds less; I could be a little taller and have bigger lips.' Where does it end?"

In addition to her budding acting career, McCarthy is currently working on a plus-size clothing line. "You just have to say, 'It's pretty damn good. I am right here at the moment and I'm OK with it. I've got other things to think about.'"

For more with Melissa, including details about her holiday traditions, check out Good Housekeeping, which hits newsstands Nov. 13.