Billy Ray Cyrus Spills Miley's Wedding Details

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It looks like Billy Ray Cyrus will get quite the workout, walking his daughter Miley down the aisle.

The country singer, 51, dished to Us Weekly on Monday, spilling details on his 19-year-old daughter's upcoming nuptials to Liam Hemsworth, 22.

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"Now, they are going to have three weddings," said Billy Ray, who reportedly joked that Liam could only wed his daughter if he could be in Chris Hemsworth's next movie.

With multiple weddings now on the table, Billy Ray joked that the deal has changed.

"I'm thinking one movie with Chris, then we got the sequel to Liam's new movie [Hunger Games: Catching Fire] coming out. They have got three weddings, that has to be three movies for me," he quipped. It may have been a while since Billy Ray has had any major feature film roles, but he has stayed busy. The crooner made his Broadway debut on Monday in Chicago.

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Billy Ray admitted that he isn't sure of the exact dates for his daughter and future son-in-law's weddings, but he will be more than ready when the days arrive.

"I actually sent her a note just last night that I do look forward to that moment whenever that time is," said Billy Ray.