Dr. Jan Adams on What He'd Tell Kanye


Dr. Jan Adams, the doctor who performed plastic surgery on Kanye West's mom Donda West the day before she died tells ET that he never spoke to Kanye directly following Donda's death, and reveals what he'd say, given the chance.

Adams says he'd say, "Hello. How's things going? How's the music business?"

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He explains, "Kanye and I don't need to talk about this. We both lived it. We both know the facts. And we've both moved on. It's a tragedy. A lot of lives have tragedies," adding that though they haven't sat down together, he did express his condolences to Kanye following his mom's death.

He also tells ET that he plans to go back into the operating room, saying, "I'll do surgery again, absolutely. And I've already got them lined up, because people call me all the time and say 'Will you do this?' or 'You did my girlfriend's or my wife's, can you do this?' And so the patients are there."

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Donda West died in 2007, a day after undergoing breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction at Adams' hands. Adams was cleared of wrongdoing by the coroner, but later lost his medical license after a series of DUIs. He's now petitioning the medical board to get his license reinstated.

Tune in to ET tonight for more, including Adams' theory of how West died.