'Facts of Life' Star Lisa Whelchel Has West Nile

Getty Images

Lisa Whelchel -- star of the '80s TV classic The Facts of Life and a contestant on Survivor: Philippines -- says she's been diagnosed with West Nile virus.

The 49-year-old actress announced her diagnosis Tuesday on Twitter. "Dr. just called with blood test results...I have West Nile. Ugh. I'm fine, just tired. Takes a year to recover," she wrote.

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She later followed up to thank her fans. "I've been very touched by all the sweet tweets. Other than tired, I'm feeling fine & expecting a full recovery. So grateful for you. Thanks!"

Whelchel is best known for her role as Blair on the 1980s sitcom, The Facts of Life. The latest season of Survivor filmed in the Philippines, but she did not specify where or when she might have contracted the West Nile, a mosquito-borne virus. 

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