Celebrities Protest Twinkie Extinction

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Ding-Dong, the Twinkie's dead. Snack time will never be the same without Twinkies after Hostess announced the company will be going out of business. Sweet-toothed stars took to Twitter to protest the extinction of the beloved cream-filled cake.

"Mr President, the time for intervention is now! #HostessBailOut #FruitPiesForever #HoHosArePeopleToo," Rob Lowe posted in distress. "I'm not kidding. If Hostess goes under I will mourn. And wear a black arm band. In the shape of a Chocodile. Then, I will try to eat it."

The Twinkie-versy did in fact get political. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dodged a question today at a speaking engagement. "Really, seriously, you're not asking me about Hostess Twinkies, are you?," he said sarcastically. "I'm on Saturday Night Live enough, you think you're getting me behind this microphone to talk about Twinkies? This is a set-up man, I know it... Don't go to Devil Dogs, don't try it." He later tweeted about his funny comments.

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In preparation for a report on ABC News's World News with Diane Sawyer, the journalist tweeted, "We're all saying goodbye to an old friend tonight. Twilight hours for the Twinkie." Piers Morgan will also indulge on tonight's broadcast, tweeting, "To all our loyal Tri-State area Piers Morgan Tonight fans: #GotTwinkie? If so, @piersmorgan will eat on the air. Tweet back w/ #pmttwinkie."

Debi Mazar said, "Maybe I'll go buy a Twinkie, and save it. It will become an antique, and look the same. I'll frame it. I admit I liked them as a kid." Donald Trump Jr. mourned the loss, saying, "R.I.P Twinkies."

The announcement has sent people running to the store to stock up their pantries with Twinkies, according to CBS News' MoneyWatch. Boxes are even reportedly being auctioned off on eBay for hefty price tags.