Justin Bieber Stops Traffic to Confront Paparazzi


Justin Bieber was a big winner at last night's American Music Awards, but on Saturday he got into a confrontation with paparazzi following him around the streets of Los Angeles. 

In this exclusive video obtained by ET, Bieber is seen darting through traffic in his white Ferrari while being trailed by photographers recording his movements. 

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At one point when Bieber stops in traffic, he has paparazzi vehicles on both sides of his car. One of the photographers converses with Bieber, who has his window down. "You're driving pretty crazy," he tells the pop star, adding, "I think you should slow down a little, don't you think." Bieber responds: "I think you guys should probably stop following me."

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Bieber then speaks to the photographer on the other side of his car and says, "I like you." But he then gestures to the other paparazzo who criticized his driving skills, saying, "I think this guy's just not fun." 

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Bieber then asks the photographer, "What do your parents think about what you do?" When the photographer says, "I make them proud," Bieber responds: "Oh, you make them proud. Do you tell them, 'I stalk people for a living.'"

Traffic is halted in the street as the conversation continues, with other drivers honking and loudly urging Bieber to move.  The teen heartthrob then tells the photographer, "You guys love this don't you?"

Watch the video for more of our exclusive footage!

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