Ariel Winter's Brother Files New Court Declaration

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Modern Family star Ariel Winter's brother, Jimmy Workman, penned a declaration to a Los Angeles court, pleading with the court system and DCS to help his family get back together.

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"I have NEVER seen any physical or emotional abuse in the home of my parents regarding Ariel," Jimmy writes in his declaration. "I have seen normal mother and daughter arguments and banter back and forth but nothing more. Counseling was set up for Chrisoula and Ariel to get to the root of their issues and corrected."

Jimmy says that the rift between mother and daughter widened after Crystal "forced" Ariel to breakup with her boyfriend.

Court docs filed October 3 in L.A. Superior Court state that temporary guardianship of Ariel has been granted to her older sister Shanelle and that her mother, Crystal Workman, is not to have any contact pending the continued hearing.

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"My position is not to take sides with anyone, but to get this family back where it belongs," says Jimmy who claims that he hasn't seen Ariel since she started living with Shanelle.

The parties are due in court tomorrow when a judge could make a permanent decision regarding guardianship.