Robin Roberts Gives New Health Update


In her first extensive interview since undergoing a bone marrow transplant in September, Robin Roberts discusses her recovery and explains why she recently had to return to the hospital to be treated for a virus.

The interview was conducted for a local TV station by Roberts' sister Sally-Ann -- who served as the donor for her bone marrow transplant -- and a portion of it aired on Tuesday's GMA. "It's a journey that kind of zig zags and there are complications and things like that," the GMA co-host said about her health progress. "But I feel good, I feel stronger every day."

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She reveals that the recovery process was "brutal" the first few weeks after the transplant, but then she noticed dramatic improvement. "And I remember the doctors telling me 'we don't have to tell you when it's working, you're going to tell us by how you feel.' And just like that it was ten days later, woke up and was like 'where y'all been!'" she said. "I'm so grateful for the medical science that we have, but it was your cells in my body that made me better," she told Sally-Ann. "That's when I knew."

Robin said it was tough having to go back to the hospital last week. "I was emotionally down. Physically I was still -- blood pressure fine, never ran a fever, drugs working. And my doctors could sense, I was just like 'uh, why am I back here?' I was here for 30 days, only home a month and now I'm back. And then I just started changing the way I think -- you're here for them to check up on you," she said.

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Despite all her challenges, Roberts -- who will celebrate her 52nd birthday on Friday -- emphasizes the importance of consistently maintaining a positive outlook. "I look at it as a clean slate, and how many people can say at this point in their lives that they get a do over? That they get a chance to start again? And that's how I feel."

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