ET's Power List: Taylor Swift


At 22 years old, the latest addition to ET's Power List, Taylor Swift, has practically grown up in the spotlight. While on the one hand, her early success has garnered her an estimated net worth of $165 million, on the other hand, any moment of aberration could hit the front page of tabloids overnight. So what's the Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter's vice?

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"The one indulgence that I allow myself is food," says Taylor. "I just love food. I can't do crazy birdseed diet stuff."

While her diet may be indulgent, Taylor still displays discipline.

"I like to eat a lot, so I exercise a lot," Taylor explains. "I try to really balance it out, because I just like food so much!"

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According to Taylor, the best advice she ever received was "to be kind to people."

"No matter how bad a day you're having, don't take it out on other people," says Taylor.

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