Selena Gomez Misbehaves with Gang in New Ad


Most of the recent headlines about Selena Gomez have speculated on the status of her relationship with Justin Bieber. But the former Disney darling also debuted a new music video for Adidas this week in which she portrays one member of a mischievous tagger gang.

Gomez is not shy about whipping out the spray can to plaster a wall with graffiti as she runs through the streets with her crew in the ad for Adidas' Neo brand. 

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Adidas says it was thrilled to announce Selena as the newest member of the NEO label, which Bieber also endorses. 

While shot in gritty style, the video shows Selena and her follow taggers smiling and laughing as they frolic in the streets while making a mess of everything they see with green paint and streamers. 

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