Larry Hagman Charms in Final ET Interview


Dallas Star Larry Hagman tragically lost his battle with cancer on Friday, November 23. ET was with the 81-year-old star just one month before his death as the legendary actor spoke optimistically of his future. 

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The very picture of good health post treatment, a feisty Hagman sat down with us on set of TNT's Dallas reboot as the actor was hard at work reprising his role as the series' menacing oil baron, J.R. Ewing.

When asked about the possibility of taking his leave from show business in the near future given his illustrious career, the TV Veteran blew off the notion as ridiculous.

"Retirement from something I make a lot of money at? And love to do and have fun doing it?", Hagman scoffed, "Uh-uh. Not me honey. Retire and die."

Video: Larry Hagman Reflects on Cancer Struggle

Excited for the future, the star spoke of who he would most like to work alongside if given the opportunity.

"I'd like to play Matt Damon's daddy," said Hagman with enthusiasm. "He's a wonderful actor. I really admire him and I'd like to play his daddy one day."

As for his career, which dates back to the 50s, Hagman shared his seemingly simple secret for continued success: Never turn down a part.

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"The more you work… the more people you reach, the more friendships you make and you continue that," he said, crediting actor Hank (Henry) Fonda whom he met on his very first film, Fail Safe. "[Fonda] he was a workaholic. He was a great guy. He was my mentor when I first went to Hollywood."

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