Brad Pitt on His Much-Spoofed Chanel Commercial


ET sat down with Brad Pitt to talk about his new film Killing Them Softly, where he also showed that he's a good sport about all the ribbing he's been taking for his dramatic Chanel No. 5 commercial.

"People have been having a lot of fun with it, I think," Brad laughed, though he said he hasn't seen theSaturday Night Live spoof yet. "I say fair play, you know. ... It's fair, it's all fair. I stay blissfully naive to most of the chatter, but it's all fair."

Video: Brad Pitt Debuts Full-Length Chanel Ad

In the new sit-down Brad revealed that not only does he tune out of less than positive press about himself, but that he also stays clear from any Oscar buzz surrounding his new film (which he also produced), where he plays an enforcer hired to restore order after a group of guys rob a Mob protected card game.

"I find it a bit of a distraction when you're trying to make your choices and figuring out what you really want to do," he said about awards season buzz. "There's always that thing rattling around in your head that can influence, and I'd rather be clean and clear of that ... Listen, I'm not knocking it -- it's great to be acknowledged in that way. [But] it's a very fickle wheel, and you know, if your number comes up -- great. You don't know [if it's going to happen or not], and you're never gonna waste time contemplating ... speculating."

The notoriously private actor also commented on his daughter Vivienne's big-screen debut in Maleficent, which stars her mother Angelina Jolie.

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"She's really not that interested in it," he surprisingly revealed about her experience on the film. "It was fun for mom and dad in that sense and that's right up her alley ... she does have fun playing dress-up, so we thought she'd have [fun], but this -- she couldn't be bothered. She wants it on her terms."

Check out the video to hear Brad's update on the highly anticipated World War Z, and how it felt shooting Killing Them Softly in his beloved New Orleans.

Killing Them Softly, also starring Ray Liotta and James Gandolfini, hits theaters November 30.