Oprah Reveals Breast Cancer Scare

Getty Images

As much as she's in the spotlight, fans may think they know everything about Oprah Winfrey, but last month the media magnate disclosed a secret she had kept from even best friend Gayle King.

During a conference in Los Angeles on October 20, Oprah, 58, revealed to the audience that she had a breast cancer scare the week before. The scare proved to be a false alarm, but the New York Times reports that just the thought made King "visibly upset."

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Seeing this, the Times reports that one audience member told Oprah to apologize to her dear friend for not telling her sooner.

While Oprah's health seems to be intact, the same cannot be said for O Magazine, which NYT reports suffered about a 22 percent decline after Oprah walked away from her talk show.

"Obviously, the show was helping in ways that you know I hadn't accounted for," Oprah told the news source. "I'm not interested, you know, in bleeding money."

While her comments seem to imply that the publication's future could be in jeopardy, Oprah left open the possibility of simply changing platforms and transitioning into an all-digital format.

"I don't care what the form is," Oprah said. "I care about what the message is."