Inside Neil Patrick Harris' 'Puppet Dreams'


While it could safely be assumed that Neil Patrick Harris has dreams in vivid colors with comedic themes, his new web series takes that idea even further to show the How I Met Your Mother star actually dreaming "in puppet."

In the first episode of the series -- called Neil's Puppet Dreams -- Neil and his partner David Burtka are first seen towering over a crib where presumably their twins are preparing to sleep. Neil drops several Muppet-like characters into the crib and then says to the camera, "Hi, I'm Neil and I sleep a lot... and when I dream I dream in puppet." He then immediately falls asleep and hits the floor.

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The series then continues with Neil falling through the sky surrounded by the puppets from the crib who initially try to assure him that he's actually flying, and they even serenade him to calm his fears. But the web show then takes a dark turn when the puppets begin to cheerfully sing about Neil's inevitable crash to the ground that will result in a violent and bloody death.

In an interview, Neil gives his unique description for Neil's Puppet Dreams. "Each episode revolves around one of my puppet-laden dreams -- as it turns out, I'm a bit of a narcoleptic, and, unfortunately, all of my dreams involve creatures of the felt persuasion, ranging from lullabies to documentaries, from fantasies to music videos."

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Check out the video on YouTube's Nerdist Channel to see for yourself.