Hollywood's New Food Trend


Some food fads seem to fade away faster than a morning mist, but there's one trend that doesn't seem to be evaporating anytime soon.

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The latest advancement in culinary arts, Le Whaf, is building steam, literally, by allowing patrons to inhale their dish.

"Le Whaf is a vase with, essentially, ultrasound in the bottom of it," said Chef Norm Aitken, who employs the technique at his Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar in Ottawa. "There's three small probes that agitate the liquid fast enough to create a vapor."

Dr. David Edwards of AeroDesigns created the method, which uses enough ingredients to make flavors of all kinds. Best of all, Le Whaf is free of calories and, at Juniper Kitchen, free of charge.

"Would someone wanna come in and pay for a whiff? I'm not quite sure," said Chef Aitken.

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