Dina Lohan on Lindsay's Accuser

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Dina Lohan on Lindsay's Accuser

Dina Lohan spoke out on Friday, regarding the legal representation that Lindsay Lohan's accuser has chosen.

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Tiffany Mitchell, the patron that allegedly accused Lohan of striking her at a New York City lounge has reportedly chosen Gloria Allred as her attorney.

Dina responded by giving this statement to ET: "I am not at all surprised to hear my ex-husband's attorney Lisa Bloom's mother Gloria Allred has decided to interject herself along with my ex in the media frenzy. But I believe this hire speaks for itself. Further, I am increasingly disturbed to be told Ms. Allred's new client lives in Palm Beach just minutes from my ex-husband's home. What else is there to learn about the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident?"

Lindsay was arrested on Thursday after the alleged incident. The actress is facing third degree assault charges.