Gilles Marini's Love Letter to His Wife

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Gilles Marini is deeply in love with his wife -- and is letting the whole world know it! The actor and two-time Dancing with the Stars alum posted a touching love letter on his Facebook page on Monday night.

The France native and recently naturalized US citizen wrote in his adopted tongue, "To Carole Marini ..

"Mon amour. Tonight I want the world to know how I feel about You!

"[Being] away always reminds me that I am probably the most fortunate bastard in the world. I truly believe that life would [have] been so miserable without you. The joy u bring me and the kids is unbelievable. How stunning [it] is to have you in my life! Gosh when I think about it, it makes my hair on my arms rise.

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"I am so in love with you and I know for a fact no matter what the future brings us, we will always be together. I simply cannot live without you. Can u believe that I am writing this in English? A language that was so unknown to both of us! We [have] come so far, we did so good and there is no way, I would have done that if you have not been around me. U are more than my shining star, you are my life, my universe, my everything. We always hear that people will give their lives for their kids, we would too but also I would give mine for u in a blink of an eye. I am sorry for been so stressed and [worrying] sometimes. It's just the way I am built and you know where I am coming from, I feel like at any time everything can stop and [be] taken away from us.

"Anyway. I love you more [than] what even love is about, the words to explain it are not even yet created. U are just ... My ALL.

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Your husband,

Swoon! Could he be any more charming? And with a few strokes of a keyboard, Gilles only deepened his already dedicated fan base.

Gilles and Carole have two young children together, Georges and Juliana.

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