Holly Madison 'Freaked Out' by Hospitalization


Seven months into her first pregnancy, Holly Madison suffered a scare earlier this week when she was briefly hospitalized for excessive morning sickness, which normally subsides after the first trimester of pregnancy. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Madison says she was frightened by the incident.

"When [the morning sickness] started happening really late [in the pregnancy] and I was really vomiting a lot during the day, it freaked me out," the former Playboy model said. "I was told to go to the doctor and get an IV and everything. So, that was kind of scary to me just because it seemed like something so unusual...but everything's O.K. so far, so that's good."

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Madison was cleared by the hospital shortly after she admitted herself and is now back to normal; however, she revealed that doctors warned her that if she were to put too much strain on her body, she would be confined to resting in her bed.

The 32-year-old model, who once dated Playboy's Hugh Hefner, is expecting her baby with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella to be born sometime in March. While the two are expecting a girl, they haven't yet decided on a name for the child.

"We actually have a lot of names we really like, so we're narrowing it down and I think we're going to wait until the day the baby comes and see what her vibe is and then pick one from there," she said.

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Although extreme morning sickness isn't very common, the Duchess of Cambridge was also recently hospitalized with a similar, more severe case of morning sickness, which caused her to announce her pregnancy much earlier than royals typically do.

"I wish her the best and I'm glad she's getting the best possible care and I'm super excited for her," she said, then offering her suggestion for a baby name. "I think everybody wants to see [the baby] named Diana if it's a girl. I think that would melt the hearts of the world."