Paula Deen Delivers Holiday Hams to Storm Victims


ET caught up with celebrity chef Paula Deen as she traveled to storm-devastated Staten Island this week to deliver food aid and provide recipes to help feed victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

Deen said she'd been trying to get to the area for weeks before finally being able to make her visit on Tuesday. "We've been trying for a month to get here because you could see on TV what horrible, horrible shape all these people were in, especially Staten Island and Atlantic City."

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The TV chef said she wanted to see in person the devastating damage and pointed out that just two blocks from the location of her visit to Staten Island, 24 lost their lives after drowning in storm waters. "I can't come this far from Savannah and not want to see what the power of this storm did to this part of our country," she said. 

Deen -- who showed up with holiday hams in her partnership with the company Smithfield -- called the volunteers working in the area "angels" and said that sometimes disaster can bring out the best in people. "Tragedy is sometimes a wonderful reminder to us about out sisters and brothers that share this country with us -- the generosity and love and compassion they have in them."

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Watch the video to also hear Deen give a health and diet update and to find out the recipe she brought to the on-site "soup master."