Roger Ebert Hospitalized With Hip Fracture

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Roger Ebert Hospitalized With Hip Fracture

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert has been admitted to the hospital following an unidentified incident which fractured the 70-year-old's hip.

Roger's wife Chaz confirmed the news to The Associated Press on Thursday, explaining that "doctors are making assessments" about her husband's condition. She later took to Twitter to assuage fans' worry, all the while keeping a sense humor about the situation.

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"Roger in hospital with hip fracture (tricky disco dance moves) but he is doing well," Chaz tweeted. "[He's] asking for computer, will probably tweet."

Not long after, Roger posted, "Yes, fracture. But no surgery needed. Details follow. :)"

In recent years, the Chicago Sun-Times film critic has battled thyroid cancer and ultimately lost his lower jaw and the ability to speak after a tracheostomy. Roger now communicates via pen and paper or text-to-speech computer software.