Cheryl Cole Sues 'X Factor'

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Cheryl Cole Sues 'X Factor'

British pop star Cheryl Cole is suing The X Factor for breach of contract following her 2011 exit from the show, ET has learned.

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The lawsuit filed today alleges that TV production company Blue Orbit "failed and refused" to pay Cole $125,000 in wardrobe and stylist allowances, $15,000 per month as a hotel/apartment allowance and $2,500 per month as a living allowance that the documents claim Blue Orbit owed the singer for judging on the first broadcast season. The papers go on to claim that Blue Orbit also "refused" to compensate Cole $2 million for the second season, even though she was no longer appearing on the show.

According to the documents, Cole signed a "pay or play" agreement, meaning that she would be paid whether producers decided to use her or not.

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $2,300,000.