Who Are The Most Desirable Women of 2013?

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Who Are The Most Desirable Women of 2013?

AskMen asked its 20 million readers to nominate the celeb who most closely matches their ideal woman, so which Hollywood females are making their mark among men, and whose popularity is quickly dropping?

According to the 2.4 million votes, Jennifer Lawrence comes out on top as the most desirable woman for 2013, though that's hardly a surprise -- the 22-year-old has had an amazing breakout year starring in both critical and commercial hits like The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook.

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In the annual survey -- which is in its 12th year -- 40 percent of the top 99 stars are new to the list, making it the year of the newbies.

One new face?

ET's very own correspondent Rosci Diaz, who comes in at #91.

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But perhaps even more notable than who made the list is who's left off -- sexy stars Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen and Megan Fox are surprisingly absent, while quirkier stars such as Emma Stone (#5) and Kristen Stewart (#7) ranked high.

Age also doesn't seem to be a factor when it comes to desirability -- celebs over 40 such as Sofia Vergara, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Obama all made the cut.

AskMen's readers were asked to vote on more than just sex appeal -- character, intelligence, talent, sense of humor, professional success, achievements in 2012 and potential for 2013 were all factored in to the vote.