All That Glitters: The Jewelry of Paramount

All That Glitters: The Jewelry of Paramount

Paramount Pictures is turning 100 this year, and to celebrate, the Hollywood Heritage Museum in Hollywood, CA is hosting a special tribute to the studio by making props, clothes, and other such artifacts from various Paramount films available for public display.

Jaci Rohr, jewelry archivist for Paramount Pictures, gave ET a quick peak at the jewelry on display for the event, detailing items from such classic films as The Ten Commandments, The Love Parade, The Sign of the Cross, Cleopatra, Samson and Delilah, and, of course, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Rohr also spoke of the process involved in restoring these items, telling ET, "First you have to know what it's made of, … you really have to look at the original type of what was made back then, make your best guess, do some research, … some of it is trial and error, but you make your best guess and you do your research so that you're not causing any harm. That's the main thing, that we want to preserve it and keep it beautiful and not harm it in any way."

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The Hollywood Heritage Museum, located entirely within the historic Lasky-DeMille Barn in Hollywood, CA, houses film props, photos, archival footage, and similar items spanning the history of Hollywood, from birth to present. For more information, click here.