Dr. Phil's Advice: How to Answer Tragedy Questions

Dr. Phil's Advice: How to Answer Tragedy Questions

The heartbreaking tragedy in Newtown, CT is very difficult for all of us to wrap our minds around, and many parents are struggling with just what to say to their children when they have questions about what happened. TV's most trusted psychologist Dr. Phil and other experts weigh in with advice for concerned parents. Watch the video.

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"This was tragic, and if you're upset about it as a parent, it's okay for [your children] to see you cry," Dr. Phil tells ET, adding, "Parents need to have a to-do list when something like this happens. First off, they need to be honest with their children."

Dr. Phil explains that children need to be exposed to complicated subjects like death-- but in an age appropriate way. Listen closely to their questions, and discuss the tragedy in a place where kids are comfortable.

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"These families are just devastated -- this whole community is broken hearted," says Dr. Phil. "This is a tragic loss for America."

Watch ET for continuing coverage of the events in Newtown, CT.