Celebrities React to Sandy Hook Tragedy

Celebrities React to Sandy Hook Tragedy

Television, film and sports stars are grieving over the senseless loss of innocent lives last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut.

Jamie Foxx, whose Django Unchained premiere was cancelled today out of respect for the victims of the massacre, reflected on the tragedy with ET.

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"Right now we need to concentrate on these kids and these parents as they mourn for them," said a somber Foxx of the 20 children killed by gunman Adam Lanza.

The team behind Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher have similarly followed suit, postponing the film's Pittsburg and New York premieres. Tom's co-star David Oyelowo sat down with us on Monday to weigh in on recent events.

"That is something that I thought was absolutely right," said Oyelowo of pushing back Reacher's red-carpet festivities. "We all thought it was right."

Video: 'SNL' Pays Somber Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims

Millions watching NFL games over the weekend saw emotional tributes from stadiums across the country. New York Giants player Victor Cruz honored 6-year-old fan Jack Pinto, who perished Friday in the shooting, by writing "my hero" on his cleats.

"I was fighting back tears to do it," said Cruz after the game. "I felt good to honor a family that was going through so much."

Watch the video for more, including ET's interview with Melissa Joan Hart. The Melissa & Joey star reveals her 6-year-old son was attending a nearby elementary school in Connecticut that fateful day.